April 18, 2014

The Second-Worst Child Poverty Rate Is a Foreign Policy Problem

Coalition on Human Needs

From our friends at Half in Ten, a project of the Coalition on Human Needs, the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights:

Help us tell Bob Schieffer why the second-worst child poverty rate is a foreign policy problem

Half in Ten Intern, Basel

Did you know that the United States has the second-highest child poverty rate among wealthy nations? That’s according to a
U.N. report released this year. We didn’t get our direct question about poverty at last night’s debate, but this is no time to stop pushing for it.

We still have one more debate to go—this Monday, October 22, in Boca Raton, Florida. It’ll be moderated by Bob Schieffer (
@BobSchieffer) from CBS News and will focus on foreign policy. We have a real point to make about poverty and our international presence: How can we be competitive in the world when one in five of our future generation lives in poverty?

We only have a few days to go until the debate, so if you tweet one thing today, make it this:

US child poverty 2nd worst/wealthy nations. @BobSchieffer how will candidates reduce poverty 2 compete
http://bit.ly/T4fBhp #TalkPoverty [click here to tweet now]

Here at Half in Ten, we were glued to last night’s town-hall presidential debate, hoping to finally hear a direct question about how our candidates plan to reduce poverty over the next four years. Candidates did address issues such as pay equity and tax credits, which have a direct bearing on child poverty. We’re getting closer and closer, but we have yet to hear a question on the candidates’ comprehensive plans to tackle the critical issue of poverty in America.

All of us who’ve come together in the
#TalkPoverty community over the past several weeks know the solutions, and we’ve been raising our voice louder and louder as representatives of the one in five children in poverty. Even though we still haven’t gotten our specific question, we sure are being heard! Did you catch coverage of the campaign on NPR’s “All Things Considered” this week? A #TalkPoverty tweet was featured on the late local news at NBC4 here in Washington. And President Barack Obama responded in writing to a letter sent by many of our partners about how he plans to address child poverty if given another term. Check out Jonathan Capehart’s rundown in The Washington Post.

In just the past 24 hours, #TalkPoverty has exploded with an audience of over 700,000! That’s grown by more than 100,000 since the last debate. We need to keep this momentum going and keep pushing for that question. Continue tweeting the community with your photos, statistics, stories, and more. We’re making a big difference already.

@Halfinten and @CoalitiononHN to find out what we've been doing with the campaign. And sign up for the #TalkPoverty campaign email list at halfinten.org/talkpoverty. You can also like us on Facebook. Stay tuned, and keep tweeting!